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Economic Development Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of Bordentown Township Economic Development Advisory Committee is to develop goals, strategies, and marketing plans for attracting and retaining an appropriate mix of businesses to Bordentown Township that will increase the tax base and employment opportunities while promoting Bordentown Township within the surrounding region.

The Economic Development Advisory Committee shall consist of nine citizen members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Township Committee. These members shall be either a resident of the Township of Bordentown or the owner /principal manager of a business located within the Township of Bordentown. There are three ex-officio members comprised of a member of the Township Committee, the Chairman of the Planning Board and Zoning Boards of their designees. The Community Development
Officer or other administrative officials also serve as ex-officio members.

The Economic Development Advisory Committee shall have the duty to advise the Township Committee with regard to the following; to conduct research into potential economic development of the township in areas appropriate for such development; development and recommend to the Township Committee a marketing plan for the Township of Bordentown; to advertise, prepare, print and distribute materials to support the economic development of the Township; to perform such other acts as are reasonably
related to and designed to carry out the purpose and objectives of the committee; to keep records of the meetings and activities ofthe committee; and to perform such other duties as may be delegated and authorized by the Township Committee.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Bordentown Township Economic Advisory Committee assists in the development and maintenance of a positive business environment in the township by addressing the economic needs of the township and advising the Township Committee in actions to assist in opportunities for economic development.
The Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted) at 7:30pm in the court room. Please check the Township calendar for meeting date changes.
The Committee will consist of nine regular voting members and three ex-officio, non-voting members. Regular members are appointed for a two year term and may be reappointed, but they are  limited to three consecutive two-year terms. The ex-officio members will have a one year term. The three ex-officio non-voting members shall be members of the Township Planning Board, Township Zoning Board and a Township Committee liaison. There will be no compensation for the members of this Committee. During the first organizational meeting the Committee shall chose a Chairperson, and Vice-Chairperson and a Secretary. The Committee will determine how often they will meet. There are no chosen members at this time. Click here for the Ordinance establishing the Committee.
Economic Development Committee Members
Mike Carney - 2 year term expiring 12/31/15
Dawn D'Alicandro - 2 year term expiring 12/31/15
Shirley Littleford -Secretary - 3 year term expiring 12/31/16
(Dimitrios), Jimmy Manetas - 2 year term expiring 12/31/15
Chris Nunn
Scott Rauenbuhler - Vice Hair - 1 year term expiring 12/31/15
Liz Reardon
Bill Ryan - Chairman
Beth Ann Shanks
James Taylor
Ex-Officio Members
Steve Benowitz, Township Committee Liasion
Matt DiMattia, Planning Board Chairman
Brian Johnson, Community Development Director
Jim Whittington, Zoning Board Chairman

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